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Being committed in church does not mean you’ll be a good spouse – Pastor asserts

Pastor at Winner’s Chapel International, Anna Salem Maigeri, has emphatically stated that someone being committed in church does not mean the person will be a good spouse.

According to her, a lady or a man can be good in church, serve God and the pastor and yet still not be a good partner in marriage.

In an interview with Paul Anomah Kordieh on e.TV Ghana’s Christian Connect show, the Pastor said, “That somebody is committed in church doesn’t mean the person will be a good wife or husband. This is why I also don’t agree with pastors recommending spouses for others.”

She advised pastors known for doing that to be careful because it has caused a lot of problems in some marriages.

“When it gets to the point and the marriage is not working, they blame the pastor and still stay in the marriage whether it’s good or bad.” she said.

She furthered again that, a lady or a guy being submissive to a pastor doesn’t mean they will be submissive to their partners, hence “people should be vigilant when choosing their partners especially in church.”

“Marriage is different, hence people should take note,” she charged.

Source: eTV Ghana



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