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Big ups to Shatta Wale for being bold – Trigmatic

Rapper Trigmatic, has waded into the ongoing brouhaha between Ghanaians and Nigerians over Shatta Wale’s tweet, and has commended the dancehall act, Shatta Wale for being bold and saying the truth.

It would be recalled that Shatta in a series of tweets called out Nigerians for failing to promote Ghanaian musicians, as it has been done for them over the years when they come to Ghana or release new projects.

Shatta in the tweet said, “I don’t need Nigerian music industry to hit, I need to let those so-called naija fans and industry players to know ..Gh industry and Gh fans supported them when they needed fame so bad, so they should appreciate and say thank you not only to Ghana but Africa as whole!”

His rants got social media talking, with some Nigerians saying Ghanaians don’t make good songs that they could relate to, reason why they are not promoted.

Others also believe Shatta Wale spoke the truth that many people are afraid to say.

One of such people is Trigmatic. The rapper who is currently out of the country has also condemned the influx of foreign music at events and radio stations at the expense of local artiste especially when Ghanaian music is not being played in other countries as much as they are played here.

He wrote in a series of tweets: “We just don’t like the truth but you can’t fight the truth! DJs and the entire media fraternity may realise that in the long run, it is us who lose. Look at the number of tourists in town, and each venue and radio station get flooded with foreign content. What are u selling?”

“If we will sieve out emotions from what is happening, we will realise that Ghana has the weakest gates and gatekeepers. I’m not in Ghana and wherever I am, I can assure u we are not enjoying any music plays here. It’s a fact! Big up @shattawalegh for being bold.”, he said in another tweet.

“Music tourism is bigger than we see it. It brings in the biggest pool of funds no matter how we see it. So everyone who plays a role in that space needs a better orientation. We need to sell Ghana to Ghanaians and to the world and this must be done intentionally,” Trigmatic said in a third tweet.




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