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Chris Waddle to address money rituals, other damning rumours about himself

Over the years, AMG Music boss, Kwaku Adai, popularly known as Chriss Waddle, has battled with all forms of wild misconceptions pertaining to his source of income.

Noted as one of the richest young men in the Ghanaian entertainment industry, Chris Waddle owns some estates, a construction company, fleets of luxurious cars, a 3 million dollar worth of mansion, and a record label among others.

However, known publicly as just a musician, many find it hard to believe that he was able to acquire all these properties through just making songs.

Netizens in their quest to sniff around Waddle’s root source of wealth have since tagged him with allegations of money laundering, internet fraud, money rituals, being married to a gay among others.

Chris who barely responds to these claims has since remained silent over the flying rumours which has intensified in recent times.

However, he believes it is time to speak and he intends to address all of such concerns in his upcoming album.

“Misconception is what is leading the world astray. One man they said he did all these to make money, why? How much he get? Putting your own narrative out there allows the youth to be misguided. A lot will be clarified on this album.” He wrote as a caption to a post announcing his album.

In what looked like the album cover, Chris Waddle shared a grided photo of himself dressed as a gay, a money ritualist, a scammer and so on to convey his message.

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Source: Ghanaweb



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