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Does the size of a man’s ass determine the size of his manhood?

Dzifa Sweetness, a sex and relationship expert, has put minds at ease by revealing the facts about how a man’s ass size relates to his penis size.

Adwen the Love Doctor was asked how women can choose a man with their chosen penis size even if they haven’t seen it during an interview on eTV Ghana’s adult edutainment show, In Bed with Adwen.

“Most of the time, we glance at his ass,” she said. According to legend, “80% of guys with big asses have little penises, while those with flat butts have very large penises.”

There are other things that females look at, according to her, such as the size of a man’s thumb, which is thought to be a determinant of whether a man has a large manhood or not.

She did say, though, that she only utilizes the ‘ass secret’ for herself. Dzifa revealed that, just as some guys fantasize about how their vagina will look and how good sex with them will be when they see women with attractive physique, women do the same when they see a man who may have their chosen penis size.

“Men who have really flat asses that look somewhat pressed within are also quite large on the front,” said Amma Serwaa, a fashion designer and actress who was also interviewed on the episode.




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