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Huawei didn’t give me opportunity to explain myself – Teacher Kwadwo

Ghanaian Comedian and teacher, Teacher Kwadwo, has revealed that he was hurt that Huawei Technologies, did not give him the opportunity to explain himself when the issue of his rape statement hit social media

Teacher Kwadwo suffered massive backlash when a post he had made some years back surfaced on social media. The post which according to some Ghanaians was in bad taste and potentially dangerous coming from someone who was a teacher, read : “The most beautiful girl in this school in this school is in JHS1 and she nor get breast saf. I wanna do something too. Please with the rape techniques, how do I start?”

After the post surfaced, Huawei Technologies terminated their partnership with the comedian.

Teacher Kwadwo on Delays show said he was hurt that Huawei did not listen to his side of the story but rather reacted to the social media backlash.

“My post was a joke gone bad, I made that joke with some friends of mine when I was not even a teacher, and then I had an issue with a certain group of people and they went to dig up the post. People didn’t understand the post, they thought I wrote it whiles I was working as a teacher. So they started tagging Huawei, that this is what your brand ambassador behaves. Huawei out of pressure also decided not to work with me”

Asked why even after Huawei cancelled the deal he still didnt show any remorse, Teacher Kwadwo said, “Huawei’s decision to cancel the contract really hurt me. I work with you, someone comes to make a complaint about me, the best way is to call me and and listen to my side of the story, if my explanation is not good enough than you can terminate my contract. But none of this happened, I just received a text message asking me to delete all their content on social media. I was really hurt”

Watch Teacher Kwadwo on the Delay Show below:




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