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Hypocrites! Serwaa Amihere comes hard at critics over approach to a twitter troll

TV host and broadcast journalist with GHOne TV, Serwaa Amihere has reacted to criticisms of the way she and her colleagues handled a cyber bully who came face to face with them at an audition.

The unfortunate twitter troll had a difficult time explaining himself when he was asked what he meant by some tweets he shared on his twitter handle about Serwaa Amihere and others.

It is unclear if the young man didn’t know the judges of the audition were the same people he had bullied, but when asked to explain himself he was found wanting.

The way he was handled got twitter talking with over 11k tweets with diverse opinions. Whiles some agreed with the treatment given to the youngman, others were of the opinion that they were too harsh.

In response to the criticisms however, Serwaa Amihere said some of these trolls have the potential of causing people to end their lives especially when they are dragged for the wrong reasons, and described people who didn’t agree with how they reacted to the youngman as “hypocrites”.

“Sit there and talk about ethical principles. Hypocrites. When people have bullied you till you become suicidal, then you can come back to have this conversation with us! Hypocrites!” she wrote in a tweet sighted by




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