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I blame old distributors for fall of movie industry – Prince David Osei

Ghanaian actor, model and producer, Prince David Osei has laid the blame of the collapse of the movie industry squarely at the feet of old distributors of movies.

Being in the movie industry professionally for about 16 years, he mentioned that one of the issues he has with the movie industry has to do with distribution of their movies.

Prince David Osei who was speaking to Doctar Cann on Happy FM’s Ayekoo After Drive Show said one of the major issues he has with the movie industry is distribution of movies. He said, “Before, there used to be CD’s and DVD’s being sold in traffic, stores and all around which made it easy to know which movie was in town but in our era of digitization, it got quite difficult and we could not move our audience with us to that level”.

According to him, even though they have caught on with the digitization of their movies and brought their audiences to par, they took too long to do the switch. He blamed movie distributors for not changing with the times when the world moved to digitization.

He said, “We could not fit them in because we did not have online portals to show our movies and that really affected us for some time. So, if it is not the Sliverbird cinema, then you will probably sell it to DSTV but back in the days it was not like that as we used to sell it to American rights, UK rights, Nigerian rights and others so the whole world was getting our movies on a daily basis”

“It’s the fault of the marketers. They did not think smart, they did not see the change coming so they thought we were still going to be using the CDs and DVDs but digitization just took over and we were left behind”.

He agreed that even though systems are ineffective, things are getting better as more platforms are being created for their audiences to pay to watch their movies.




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