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Saturday, August 13, 2022
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I love you doesn’t mean ‘I’ll marry you – Women advised

Avram Ben Moshe, the head and founder of the atheist nonprofit, Common Sense Family, has said women should not to take every man’s “I love you” as a guarantee of marriage.

Avram made this statement when he appeared on the In Bed With Adwene show.

According to him, many women enter relationships with the intention or expectation of marrying, which is incorrect. He stated that women should date with the intention of learning about the man, and that dating with any other intention will only result in a heartbreak.

“After dating, a man must propose but in Africa, when a man says he loves a girl, it means he wants to marry her so the lady will just pack her belongings and move in with the man. I love you does not mean I will marry you. ‘I love you’ possibly means he just wants to have sex with you”, he said.

He added, “I love you does not mean come and wash my stuff because my mother or sister can do that for me. It does not mean come and cook for me because if I can’t cook, I can buy food from outside and it doesn’t mean come and sweep for me because I can sweep. The only thing a man’s mother or sister cannot do for him is giving him sex and that is why he looks for a woman who is his spec to date”.

Watch him make his claims below:




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