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It doesn’t take much to pleasure a woman – Maamefua Yamson

A guest on LoveUnlocked Unscripted has stated that contrary to popular opinion that women are difficult to pleasure, it is actually the opposite.
Contributing to the conversation on the topic “What does it take to pleasure a woman”, Maamefua said every man must take time to study the body of the women they sleep in the same bed with.

She stressed, that a lot of men make the mistake of thinking because a previous partner may have been sensitive in a certain part of the body, the same will be for the new partner.

She encouraged men to take their time and get to know the women they are in relationships with, in order for them to have enjoyable sex.

“ I don’t think it takes a lot to pleasure a woman, the thing is you just have to know your woman, because it might be that someone might touch your hand and it will arouse you, it doesn’t mean when you touch another person she will also be aroused”, she said.

Watch her make her submission below:




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