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Journalist Albert turns down EIB Network’s anti-cyberbullying campaign offer

Journalist Albert has turned down a partnership with the EIB Network to run an anti-cyberbullying campaign.

In a series of tweets he shared earlier today, Journalist Albert, revealed that he is on a self-rediscovery journey, and that his family has asked him to stand down as the face of the anti-cyberbullying campaign after serious consideration.

He claimed that after explaining his ordeal and the aftermath to his family, they were not in support of him working with the network and have asked him to stay off social media.

He apologized for any inconvenience this may have cause the EIB Network and thanked them for their kind gesture.

He wrote:

“Sorrily, I will not be able to play a part in the social campaign against Cyber Bullying cum Social Media Abuse at the moment. I apologise for any inconvenience caused as a result. This is a collective decision made by my family and me after careful and lengthy deliberations”, he tweeted.

“IMPORTANT! I have formally informed my family about the sudden turn of events in my life and they have received it solemnly. As a result, my family has advised that I stay out of the public domain and take a social media hiatus…an opportunity for self-rediscovery.”




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