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My third marriage is better than my first two – Nana Yaa Brefo

Popular radio and TV broadcast journalist, Nana Yaa Brefo, has revealed that her third marriage has fared better than her previous ones.

In an interview with ZionFelix, she revealed for the first time that she has been married three times and enjoying her marriage life.

According to her, she left her first marriage because her partner was cheating. She described her walking away from the marriage as ‘immature’ at the time she took the decision.

However, after her second marriage, she realized her first marriage was far better and she should have stayed. She revealed that her second marriage was full of emotional abuse and she couldn’t walk away for fear of unfavourable public perception.

Nonetheless, after hitting 40, she realized her happiness was key and needed to pursue vigorously.

She partly blamed the breakdown of her second marriage on the loss of her womb. She said, “ initially it was like it wasn’t a problem but I realized it was….. it was his child that got me into the situation.”

Nana Yaa also disclosed that, her job could also be part of her failed marriages. She explained that, it was not easy combining media job and marriage especially as a woman.

Nonetheless, the co-host of Anopa Bofo Morning Show on Angel FM said, her husband is okay with the fact that she hasn’t gotten a womb.

“My current husband is okay… but I am not in his head,“ she sighed .

When Zionfelix asked how she was able to move on to the third marriage she replied that, ”maybe I anticipate and I’m able to work on it, think about it, before I move on.”

The outspoken journalist lost her womb at Ridge hospital when she was expecting her second child from her previous marriage.

According to her, it became necessary she had surgery. However, the negligence of a doctor caused her the loss of her womb.

Nana Yaa Brefo, who has a son from her first marriage, stated that even though sometimes the loss of her womb affects her, she is fine.

Source:Angel FM



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