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Only virgins deserve full bride price – Nigerian Author

Reno Omokri, an author and former aide to former president Goodluck Jonathan has sited some verses in the bible to advise men to desist from paying full bride price to women who are not virgins.

Reno in a tweet explained that the good books state categorically that even though all human beings were equal, there were differences when it came to wives.

According to him, the holy book places premium on virgins as against women who are not, and as such full bride price is only paid to virgins.

He went on to explain that even the white gown, should be worn by a woman who has not been ‘seen’ by a man before (virgin)

His tweet dated December 29 read: “Everyone is equal as human beings, but not all wives are equal. The highest value wife, according to Scripture, is a virgin wife. She is the ONLY Wife of which full bride price should be paid-Exodus 22:17. Traditionally, the White Wedding dress is ONLY for virgins,”




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