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Side Chicks don’t have any obligation towards wives – Jude Seyram

A guest on the LoveUnlocked show, Mrs Jude Seyram Afuti has said that side chicks do not have any obligation towards wives and so it is not proper for wives to attack these side chicks for having sexual relations with their husbands.

According to Jude who was sharing her opinion on the topic ‘dealing with your partners side chick’. Mrs Afuti said she believed if anyone was to take the blame it should be the husbands who after vowing to forsake all others still go ahead and take a side chick.

She advised wives to desist from blaming these women as they don’t have any obligation towards them(wives) and rather hold their husbands accountable for their actions and choices.

“If my husband has a side chick, I am not blaming her, I am blaming my husband because for starters you went in for her, she doesn’t have any obligation towards me. You my husband you went before God and man to make promises to each other”, she told host of the show Akosua Konadu Owusu.

Watch Jude make her submission below:




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