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Taking care of the vagina – LoveUnlocked Season 2 Episode 5 premiere on UNSCRIPTEDTV on Friday

On Friday November 19, UNSCRIPTEDTV will premiere episode 5 of its All Women season, Unscripted Series.

The yet to be released episode takes a look at the vagina, the causes of vaginal odor, effects and treatment.

The panelists also advised women on how to properly take care of the vagina so they can have better sexual encounters with their partners.


A survey of what turns men off during sex revealed that vaginal odor is a huge turn off.

There are many ads on TV and radio of products and herbs supposedly used to clean the vagina, and make it smell and taste better. It is true that every woman has her own natural vaginal smell, and just like soup, every woman has her own unique vaginal taste as well.

What are the causes of vaginal odor? How do we take care of the vagina, so that it does not emit any foul smell, thereby making sexual encounters more enjoyable?




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