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Women are becoming more aware of their sexuality – Queen Nita

The question of whether or not women are becoming too difficult to pleasure was the hot topic on LoveUnlocked Unscripted Season 2 episode three (3) when the ladies took their turn on the show over the weekend.

A guest on the show Queen Nita, opined that today’s woman has become sexually liberated and aware of herself, and because of that more women are not settling for mediocre sex, and as such comes across as difficult to please.

According to her, more women are embracing their sexuality and exploring more, thereby being seen in that light.

She said the unfortunate thing is that as women keep exploring their sexuality, they have left the men behind and as such, the men need to keep up.
She emphasized that men have not by orientation come to the knowledge or awareness that women of this generation are not the same as women of their mothers and grandmothers’ generation.

Watch full episode of the show via the link below:




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