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You don’t need a bachelorette party if you can’t afford it – Ladies advised

Just like the bachelor’s party with his boys to celebrate the last day of his singleness, bachelorette parties have also come to stay.

Public Relations Executive Naa Dedei, has given a word of advice to brides to be not to stress themselves over bachelorette parties if they cannot afford it.

Naa Dedei was speaking on the necessity of bachelorette parties on the Girl Vibes show on eTV Ghana and explained that a bachelorette party is an event that is organized by the bride’s maid of honor and bridal train to celebrate her last day of being single.

“A bachelorette party is just a special night to meet with your girls and spend time. If you and your friends can’t afford the lavish party with all the expensive drinks and plenty food, you don’t have to stress over it. You know the type of people you chose as your bridal train and they know your financial status so if a crate of coke is what you can afford, I am sure they will be content with it”, she said.

According to her the most important reason why these parties are organized is so the bride can get some sound advice from her friends and advised ladies not to allow society to pressure them into incurring debts.

“The most important part of the bachelorette is getting advice from your friends both married and unmarried to guide you through your marital life so the drinks and lavish stuff are not the main focus. If you have the money, then you can have it as big as you want but if you don’t, just don’t stress it”, she concluded.

Watch the Girl Vibes show below:

Source: Video credit: eTV Ghana



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